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Currently I’m looking for a pair of oversized art prints for the wall above the sofa in our family room.  In my last post I showed five different ways you can go about putting together the perfect pair.

I’m really not sure what direction I would like to go in.  Most of the time when picking out a décor item for my home I try not to get hung up on specific details , instead I tend to go by the philosophy of “I will know it when I see it.”

This is the exact opposite of how I usually work with my clients.  When working with others I pull together a well thought out and very detailed design plan in a relatively short period of time. I aim to  give spaces a well put together look but at the same time that”collected and curated” feel that looks as if it’s evolved over time.

When working on my own home I can be painfully indecisive and scatterbrained.  I did manage to come up with a few things that I’m looking for in my potential art.  The first being that since the rug is very busy and colorful I would like the colors in the art to be very subdued or even black and white.   The second thing is I want them to be oversized, perhaps around 24″ x 36″ each and the third is the least amount of money I can spend the better.  Nothing thrills me more then spending next to nothing for a great looking piece for my home.

Currently we are in the middle of doing a “refresh” of our family room.  Nothing is being torn down or built in.  Just a few cosmetic changes to reflect our current style.  I’m going to dig up a few “before” pics so we can share with you our Family Room Mini Makeover   pictures when it’s finished.  As you can see the walls of our family room are pretty much a blank slate.  We recently gave the walls a fresh coat of Benjamin Moore’s ” Simply White”, which brightened up the room so much.  In this post I talk about why Simply White is the perfect shade of white.  It’s really  amazing what white paint can do for a space.   Since I’m also planning on doing a small gallery wall around the TV,  the art pair for over the sofa needs to be understated.

In my Art Pair quest I came across so many beautiful pieces.  Now….. if I were to only show you those that were firm contenders of mine this would be an extremely boring post since I established that my own personal budget preference is almost non existent.  However,  each and every art pair shown here I love enough to use in my own home.


So without further ado…..

Ballard Designs “White Sand Art”


Ballard Designs “Quill Art”


Etsy Shop: Clare Elsaesser “The Divide” & “Wildflowers”

Etsy Shop: LILA x LOLA “Blue Abstract Print” & “Blue Stroke Print”

Ballard Designs “Piedmont Botanicals Art”


Etsy Shop: Day Drift Prints “Bondi Beach 2 Piece Set”

Etsy Shop: Wall Art 2 Décor “Butterflies Print Set”

Etsy Shop: Minimal Instant “Botanical Black & White Print Set”

Etsy Shop: Dan Hobday Art “Abstract Art Print Set”

Etsy Shop: Minimal Instant “Abstract Ink Art Set”

Etsy Shop: LILAxLOLA “Horse Print” & “Desert Tree Landscape”

Etsy Shop: Sisi and Seb “Rose Bush” & “Let’s Stay Home”

Desenio “Buffalo Horns” & “Feather”

Snow & Graham “Ebony Snow Art Prints No. 1 and No. 2”


Pottery Barn “Leaf Lines Framed Prints”

West Elm “The Arts Capsule Ink Diptych-Half Moon”

Crate and Barrel “Tonal Frequency Prints I and II”

Minted “Paper Flowers I and II”

Target “Framed Pattern Abstract Blue”


Minted “Blue Cactus” & “Summer Yellow Cactus”


Sugar House Supply “Be Still My Soul Print Set”

Etsy Shop: LILA x LOLA “Lighthouse” & “Beach Art”

My head is spinning with all of the beautiful choices.  Just when I thought I was done I would come across another pair that I just had to add to the round-up.  Most of the art featured here is well within my price range and some…well…not so much.

Hopefully by next post the choice will have been made and I can share with you what I chose.  Did you guys see anything that you could picture in your homes?  Which were your favorites?  Let me know in the comments…


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    1. It’s funny you said that because I have it narrowed down to 4 choices and the Bondi Beach is one of them. I love it and the colors will go great in my room. My next post I will let u know what I picked! Thanks for the input..

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