Bar Carts, Bar Carts, and more Bar Carts…..

AMC announced that an assortment of props that were used on the set of “Mad Men” will have a new permanent home at the Smithsonian.  This will include Don Draper’s gray suit, fedora, and Bar Cart from his office.

Don Draper Bar Cart  #dondraperbarcart #barcartvintage



** Little piece of trivia . Don’s bar cart was Italian made and was made higher then normal so Jon Hamm, who is 6″2, would not have to bend down while mixing a cocktail**

Don Draper Bar Cart on Mad Men #dondraperbarcart #vintagebarcart

 The bar cart was a staple back in the 50’s and 60’s when men chain smoked and mixing a martini at noon was just another day at the office.  No one will argue that “Made Men” had a huge part in the bar cart’s rise in popularity once again.

Most of us don’t have an extra $1,500 to spend on a bar cart.  The exciting thing is that you can get this retro glam look in your home  without the high price tag.  You can even find retro bar accessories for a steal if you know where to look.  I snagged this little bamboo beauty for $75.00 off of Craig’s List.

Craig's List Bar Cart Before via: Remixed Interiors #barcart #diybarcart

The ladies that I purchased my cart from said they got it at Neiman Marcus years ago.  They bragged that many Manhattan  Cocktails had been mixed on it back in the day and that they were very pleased to hear that it’s being handed over to a fellow party girl who will be carrying on the tradition.  I said that I would make them proud!

After having it for a few months in it’s original form I started getting antsy and decided that my cart needed a little makeover.  It needed to be glammed up a bit,  I have had my eye on gold faux bamboo bar carts for some time now and was pretty confident that with a little gold spray paint I could transform mine.

Here are a few inspirational photos that I came across on Pinterest.

Bar Cart Love via: Society Social  #barcart #goldbarcart #bamboobarcart

The Sedgewick model from Society Social is a beauty but no where near my budget.  I love going to their site to find inspiration and to drool over all of the bar carts. It’s so  colorful and full of decorating and styling ideas.

Bar Cart Love via: Ballard Designs #barcart #goldbarcart #bamboobarcart

The Jill Bar Cart from Ballard Designs is a little closer to my budget,  but was still hard for me to justify when I knew with a little self control and patience I would come across one that I could DIY.

Bar Cart Love #barcart #goldbarcart #bamboobarcart

I love how the cobalt blue glasses add a pop of color on this lovely piece.  Oh and of course every bar cart needs fresh cut flowers….

Bar Cart Love #barcart #goldbarcart #bamboobarcart

This gold bamboo cart  caught my eye because of the fabulous monogrammed tray on the bottom shelf.  It would be a great project to try to DIY.  All you would need is a large thrift store tray, black and gold paint, and stencils.

Bar Cart Love #barcart #goldbarcart #bamboobarcart

Even though this cart is on the smaller side it’s still stocked full of the cocktail making necessities and can be tucked anywhere it’s needed.

Bar Cart Love Society Social Sedgewick Model #barcart #goldbarcart #societysocial

I believe the above cart is the The Sedgewick from Society Social. It looks even better fully stocked.  The wine glass and bottle holders  makes this cart a standout.

So as you can see there is tons of inspiration out there.  In my next post I will show you how I turned my kinda boring cart in to a glam party essential!

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