Craig’s List Lamp: Before and After


One thing that I know for sure is never go Craig’s List hunting alone.  I usually don’t and thank goodness this latest time I brought my husband.  A man answered the door and we walked into the “house of horrors”.  There was weird stuff piled high in every square inch of the place.  He had carved out a path to walk through.  We saw animal traps, taxidermy, religious artifacts, clown costumes, surgeon’s tools, porcelain dolls, fur coats, a brass figurine of a turtle with another turtle straddling it’s back doing god knows what.

It was well worth the trip because I scored this desk lamp.  It’s very heavy and solid and well worth the $15!!

Craig's List Desk Lamp Makeover



Craig's List Lamp Makeover #Craigslist

I really love the contrasting wood arm.  One small problem.  I was looking for a brass lamp.  Nothing that a little of my favorite gold spray paint can’t fix.

Craig's List Lamp Makeover

The first thing I did was tape off the wood arm and the light bulb socket.  I then put the cord in a zip lock bag to protect it.

Next I gave it a quick coat of primer…

Craig's List Lamp Makeover

Craig's List Lamp Makeover

I let the primer dry for about an hour before I applied the gold spray paint.


Craig's List Lamp Makeover

Isn’t she pretty?

Craig's List Lamp Makeover

I love the final result.  At first I thought I wanted to paint the wood arm but I really came to like the touch of warmth the wood gave.

Craig's List Lamp Makeover


Craig's List Lamp Makeover


I just love the colors in the above  picture that is propped up on my desk.  It’s a Goodwill find and was $5.00!  The gold frame was in perfect condition and I love the shot of color it adds to my workspace.  I’m not sure where it will live permanently yet but for now it makes me happy here.

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    1. Yes it’s wood. Take you where to the house of horrors? Lol. We need to do the flea market on the river near New Hope. Let’s make a plan?

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