Craig’s List : Velvet Furniture Part I

Velvet Furniture.  Just thinking of it gets my heart racing.  I have been on the “lookout” for the perfect velvet sofa for our family room for what seems like forever.  Here is a small peek of our family room rug.

This fabulous rug has every yummy color under the sun in it.  We have looked at velvet sofa’s that are navy, yellow, gray, emerald green, orange, light blue,  and mint green.  The main obstacle for us has been the price points, ranging from $1,800-$6,000.  I then started looking on Craig’s List and was pleasantly surprised.  I have come across a few possibilities, but nothing I have loved enough to pull the trigger on.  I know if I am patient I will find the perfect piece for us.

Here is a mood board I made some time ago for our family room.  I used a blue velvet sofa and turquoise velvet chair but that’s not carved in stone.  Any color sofa will work, so if the right one comes up on Craig’s List I’m grabbing it!

Family Room Mood Board #eclecticfamilyroom

Did you notice that precious little soul lying on our sofa? That’s Penny, our 8 year old Golden Retriever.  I’m not naïve.  I can totally visualize a velvet sofa completely covered in her hair.  Now it kind of just slides off the leather, but I don’t care! I need a velvet sofa in my life even if I am a slave to it.

The following method is the best way to search for velvet furniture on Craig’s List.

Go to the “For Sale” category and click on “Furniture” .  In the search box type in “Velvet” and then under “Filter” click on the “By Owner Only” and “Has Image Only” choices.  If you don’t choose the “By Owner Only” you will get a bunch of cheap furniture sets sold by various retailers.  I choose the “Image Only” because if there is not a photograph of the piece in the listing I don’t waste my time.  After you search the “Furniture” category then click on the “Antiques” category and follow the same steps as before.  I have found some interesting mid-century pieces by doing this.

All of the velvet furniture featured in this post was found in my local NJ Craig’s List.  Most of the pieces have sold by now, however,  similar items pop up all the time in areas all over the country.  Oh and remember the prices listed are what the sellers were asking for each piece.  The longer the listing hangs around the more bargaining power you have.  Most sellers just want to get rid of their stuff,  so don’t be shy about offering less then the list price.  Most expect it and price their pieces accordingly.  Some will even say “Or Best Offer” after the price.  If there is no wiggle room the listing will say “Price is firm” or “Non-negotiable”

Guide to buying velvet furniture on Craig's List #velvet furniture #craigslistvelvetfurniture

Over the past few years I have “pinned” countless images of spaces that I love with velvet furniture in them.  I became discouraged after awhile because I never thought I could achieve these looks on my budget.  I now know differently!  Check out some of pieces that I found and how easy it would be to pull of the looks in some of my pinned images!

Guide to buying velvet furniture on Craig's List #velvet furniture #craigslistvelvetfurniture #greenvelvetsofa

Image Sources (clockwise):  Anthropologie, Style Me Pretty, Studio Annetta BlogSpot, Pop Sugar Home

Guide to buying velvet furniture on Craig's List #velvet furniture #craigslistvelvetfurniture #navyvelvetwingchairs
Image Source’s (Clockwise):,,

Guide to buying velvet furniture on Craig's List #velvet furniture #craigslistvelvetfurniture #goldvelvetsofa
Image Sources(Clockwise): Apartment Therapy, BHG Style Spotters

In order to give the above gold sofa a more streamlined look you could take off the skirt. Jenny from Little Green Notebook did the same thing on 2 yellow velvet chairs she got from a thrift shop.  You can see the results here.

Guide to buying velvet furniture on Craig's List #velvet furniture #craigslistvelvetfurniture #raspberryvelvetsofa

Image Sources(Clockwise):, Design Sponge, 

Image Sources: Black Headboard:,
Blue Headboard(Clockwise): One Kings Lane,, White Headboard:,,

Guide to buying velvet furniture on Craig's List #velvet furniture #craigslistvelvetfurniture #yellowvelvetsofa

Image Sources(Clockwise):,,

I have an update on the above yellow chesterfield sofa.  They dropped the price to $250.  This listing has been around for at least a month and is a perfect example of how the longer the listing is around, the better deal you will get.  Another thing I noticed is that the “yellow” sofa actually looks more like a limey green color in the other photos posted and is even referred to as being green in the listing.  Anyway…. if you are in the NJ area and are interested, let me know and I will send you the information.

Image Sources: Green Chair(top to bottom): Apartment Therapy,, One Kings Lane. Red Chair(top to bottom), April Pizana Photography.

Once again you could modernize the look of the above green and below yellow chairs by removing both skirts.

Guide to buying velvet furniture on Craig's List #velvet furniture #craigslistvelvetfurniture
Image Sources(clock-wise): Little Green Notebook,, Apartment Therapy,

Guide to buying velvet furniture on Craig's List #velvet furniture #craigslistvelvetfurniture

Image Sources(left to right),

Are you surprised at the great pieces that can be found on Craig’s List?  Could you visualize any of them in your home?  I have lots more to share with you guys including how to clean and care for your velvet furniture. Look for that in my next post along with many more treasures I dug up on Craig’s List.

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    1. If you really love gray sofas then that’s what you should get. I would never advise buying a sofa based on the wall color because that can always change but a good sofa you will have a long time. You can add color with pretty throw pillows, accessories and artwork on the wall. This will help break up all of the gray..I hope that helps..

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