Decorating Trend: Geometrics

Polygons.  Yikes! Just hearing that word brings me right back to 9th grade geometry class.   Useless information? Well, maybe back in the day it was, but today decorating with geometrics is a hot trend that isn’t going anywhere. There is something about the simplicity of these patterns that brings a contemporary look to any space.  I gathered some great DIY projects from around the web that all seem to get this look just right.

DIY Geometric Decor via:Remixed Interiors #geometricdecor

Copper Tape Art / Clay Pot / Geometric Lamp / Heart Box / Triangle Wall /
Triangle Bunting / Hanging Planter / Metallic Geo Ball

I am dying over the artwork that Brittany made with the copper tape. I love the combination of the metallic copper with the clean lines of the hexagons.  I can just imagine this piece being hung where light bounces off the shimmery copper making pretty shapes on the wall.

I included a couple of projects from Mandi from Vintage Revivals but forgot to include my all time favorite geo project from her.

DIY Geometric Decor #diygeometricdecor

This is her DIY Retro Diamond Focal Wall.   Doesn’t it look just perfect over that mid-century dresser? I think she is the greatest and by far has done the coolest geo projects of all time.

In my next post I will be sharing with you guys my first DIY project.  It fits into the geometrical theme and was a Goodwill find. I can’t wait to show you.

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    1. Thanks Shighla! I’m glad you liked it. There is definitely some great inspiration there. Look out for my next post where I will be showing off my Goodwill makeover!

    1. Thanks Michelle! Having problems with my comments displaying but thanks for checking out my site!

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