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Here we go.  I am finally throwing caution to the wind and diving head first into the very cool but overly crowded blogging pool!

Dive Right In! Remixed Interiors #TS Harris-Diving Girl

T.S. Harris “Diving Girl”

I’m so excited to document my mission to transform my home with various textures, fabrics, and flea market finds.  My goal is to create a homey “throw your feet up on the coffee table” vibe.

Remixed Interiors is long overdue.  I kept holding off until our house was ” just right.”  I agonized over the fact that it wasn’t perfectly put together and ready to photograph for my blog “house tour”.  Over the years we have lived in 4 houses that were all left in limbo because I was always waiting for that  “perfect chandelier” or “designer sofa”.  Everything was way too expensive and not in our budget.

Things began to change once I discovered the joys of Craig’s List, Goodwill, and Thrift Stores.  I began finding treasures that I was able to transform into beautiful pieces. I just needed a little creativity and a lot of elbow grease!  Gone were the days of matching furniture sets and massed produced artwork.  Slowly my decorating style began to emerge.  I love to mix things up using a variety of styles, finishes, textures, and patterns.  If done well spaces can become a personal reflection of you,  fashionable  and fresh without looking like you tried too hard.

Remixed Interiors-A Home Decor and DIY Blog
Remixed Interiors will be a place where I can document my journey and share my ideas with all of you.  I look forward to being part of a community where others  share my passion and also inspire me everyday with their creativity, energy, and ideas.

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