DIY Chalkboard Canvas Art

Remember when mass produced canvas art was all the rage?  I certainly embraced the trend and had more then my fair share of tacky pieces.

Some time ago I took down a pair of canvas topiary art pieces that hung in our kitchen.  I just couldn’t stand to look at them for another day.   I put them away in storage and forgot about them until I saw this  inspirational image on Pinterest..


I decided to use my pair of old canvases to make my own version of this amazing  Chalkboard Canvas Art.

Here is how I did it…

Canvas Art Materials
art canvas (whatever size you would like)
chalkboard paint
mini paint roller
chalk or chalk pen
letter stencils (I used the 2″ size)
plain white paper

Frame Materials
various pieces of wood
wood glue
finishing nails
polycrylic, paint, or wood stain
miter box saw
band clamp
tape measure
paint brush or rags
wood filler

Step 1

Get your canvas.  You can use old art that you no longer care for or purchase blank canvases.  I happened to have a pair of topiary prints that I had back in my “French Country” decorating stage.  You can use one or two canvases depending on what kind of quote you are using and look you are going for.

Step 2

Roll on two coats of chalkboard paint leaving about 20 minutes between each coat.  If you have a can of spray chalkboard paint that is fine as well.

Step 3

After the paint is completely dry you need to “season” the chalkboard paint.  The above picture was taken after the seasoning was done.   It’s important to season any chalkboard because if you write on it without doing so you never will be able to fully erase the image.  All you need to do is take a piece of chalk and using the side of it rub the entire surface horizontally and then do the same thing vertically.

Then just wipe all of the dust off with a soft rag.

Step 4
Find or make up your own quote that you would like to write on your canvas.  I found a great quote that is perfect for the kitchen where I knew I wanted to hang my art.

“If Food is the Body of Good Living.  Then Wine is the Soul.”

Step 5
Stencil out your entire quote on a piece of paper.  Then cut out each word separately.  Lay out the words on the canvas in a configuration that you like.   The pic below was taken after I already finished the first word.

Step 6
After all of your words are laid out how you would like them, take the first word and flip it over and cover the backside with chalk.







Step 7
Place the word chalk side down on the canvas, press firmly, and trace each letter with a pencil.

You will now have an outline of each word.

Step 8
 Fill in the letters with your chalk.

I chose to fill the letters in with an old fashioned piece of chalk because I like the mottled, not so perfect look it gives.  You could also use a chalk pen, which would give you more control and a smooth finish.

Here are the finished pieces…

The best part about chalkboard art is if you get bored with it you can simply erase and recreate.

Step 9
I couldn’t be more pleased with how the chalkboard art turned out.  Even though canvas art is always seems to look unfinished to me without a frame.  I found a great DIY flush mount frame tutorial on the A Beautiful Mess blog.  You can find that here.

If your cuts are not perfect a little wood putty saves the day..

I didn’t get into any detail about how I made the frame because the link I provided gives you perfect step by step instructions.

Don’t the frames add the perfect touch?  I just sprayed the wood with Minwax Water Based Polycrylic to seal the wood because I loved the natural color.  You may also choose to stain the wood depending on what look you are going for.

I know it can be hard finding the perfect quote.  Check this site out.  You will find tons of motivational, life, and love quotes.



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