DIY Gold Dipped Lamp

It’s no secret that I absolutely love scouring thrift stores looking for unique and offbeat treasures to add to my home.  I never look at these objects and judge them solely on their current “look.”  A little paint and elbow grease can make miracles happen.

DIY Gold Dipped Lamp

Recently while at my local Goodwill Store I came across an obnoxious bright yellow table lamp that was such an adorable size and shape.  It also had a really nice, deep shade that was in perfect condition.   I’m so mad at myself that I don’t have a proper “before” picture of this little beauty.

Here it is right before I was about to start spray painting it.  Actually the yellow could be really fun and perfect in the right space but wasn’t cutting it for what I had in mind.

I decided to spray paint it a glossy black and then give it a “gold dipped” look.  I taped all of the hardware off and covered it with plastic bags and then gave it a quick coat of black.  I let that dry over night and then taped off the portion that I wanted to spray gold.

When I taped off the portion that I painted gold I didn’t want the tape line to be perfectly straight.  I wanted it to look slightly irregular…you know…as if someone actually dipped the base in gold paint…

I LOVE how it turned out.


The contrast between the glossy black and matte gold looks spectacular.  Exactly what I was going for.  The lamp shade originally was in multi-colored thin stripes.  I brushed on two coats of the Rust-oleum Glossy Protective Enamel in black.



So if “thrifting” is your thing… always look at the shape and structure of various pieces not their ‘finishes.”  A little spray paint can go a long way.  I believe this lamp cost me around $7.00.  I have seen similar lamps online and in stores for hundereds of dollars.  I do believe that investing in a classic and timeless lamp is smart but if you are looking for a fun and trendy look… the DIY route may be the way to go!


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    1. Thank you so very much Evelyn! I am itching to check out all the amazing thrift stores down in Florida that you were telling me about!

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