DIY Monogram Lucite Tray

During the course of my daughter’s bedroom makeover we ended up doing a ton of simple DIY projects.  Not only do I totally get a thrill out of making something beautiful and useful with own hands but by doing so we were able to fill her room with fun accent pieces AND stay well within our budget.  In case you missed it here is the post of my daughter’s Teen Bedroom Reveal.

As anyone with a teenage girl will tell you…they just have and accumulate a ton of “stuff”.   Luckily my daughter has plenty of storage with her Ikea “Alex” vanity and drawer unit that holds her makeup and other toiletries.

She really wanted a pretty personalized tray to sit on her vanity and hold a few of her special things.   We found a few that we really liked but they just were not in our budget.

Watercolor Floral Acrylic Tray -personalized with name
Erin Condren

DIY Lucite Tray

Monogrammed Lucite Tray

DIY Personalized Lucite Tray

We were in Target one day and came across a perfect little acrylic tray.  It was part of a jewelry stacking system and had no handles but I had a vision of what I could do with it.

DIY Lucite Tray
We came up with a list of things that we would need to make our DIY tray and then set out to find them.

Diy Monogram Lucite Tray


acrylic tray
Modge Podge
small paint brush (brush or foam)
wrapping paper(Spritz “floral on dot” at Target)
alphabet stencils
gold metallic paint pen
pair of drawer pulls

Step 1:
Gather all of your supplies together and set everything up on a large work surface.

DIY Lucite Tray
Step 2:
Place your tray right side up on a section of the wrapping paper ( on the backside, non printed side of the paper).  Using your pencil trace the entire bottom edge of the tray on to the paper and cut it out with your scissors.

Step 3:
Pick a spot where you would like your initial to go and trace it out with your pencil using the stencil.  I just wanted to use the initial of my daughter’s first name but you can get creative and  do the last name initial of an entire name.  Now color the initial in with your metallic paint pen.

DIY Lucite Tray
DIY Lucite Tray

Step 4:
Next you need to decide where on the tray you want your wrapping paper to go.  I decided to put my paper face up on the bottom of the tray.  This way the paper would show through the acrylic and I wouldn’t have to worry about the paper getting scuffed up with use.

DIY Lucite Tray

In the above picture I brushed a thin layer of Modge Podge on the bottom of the tray.  You can see my tray had a raised lip which prevents the paper from coming in direct contact with any surface.

Step 5:
When using Modge Podge you need to work quickly.  Now you will place the paper face down on top of the Modge Podge and press and smooth the paper down.  I gently used the edge of a credit card to smooth the paper out and get rid of the air bubbles.

DIY Lucite Tray
Let the paper sit and dry for about 30 minutes.

**Another way to apply the paper to the tray would be to brush a layer of Modge Podge inside the tray and lay your paper on top of it.  Wait for it to dry. You will then need to brush a few layers of Modge Podge on top of the paper to give it a protective coating.  Leave about fifteen minutes between each coat.  In case you have never used Modge Podge before be aware that when you first brush it on it will leave a milky white coating.  No need to worry because when it dries it will leave a crystal clear protective coating and it’s at this point you will know it’s ok to put another coat on. **

Step 6:
Now you will attach handles.  Your handles should come with all the additional little pieces of hardware needed to attach them.  I was not sure at first if the acrylic would split or crack when I drilled the holes but there was no need to worry because the drill went right through the acrylic very easily.  I just eyeballed where I thought the handles should go.

There you go! All done.  Didn’t it turn out so adorable?

DIY Lucite Tray

Here is how the tray looks in it’s normal spot on the vanity.

DIY Acrylic Tray

DIOY Lucite Tray
I hope you liked today’s DIY project.  There’s a lot more where that came from.  In my next post I will show you how I turned a trashy looking lamp into an adorable and trendy piece of accent lighting!

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