Double Heart Art

I have been holding off on sharing any of the DIY projects I did for my daughter’s bedroom.  I wanted to do the big reveal and then do follow up posts with all the details.  Well.. we had a little set back and since all my time as of late has been spent on finishing up her room I don’t have any other projects to post about.

I don’t like having that much time in between posts, so today I will share just a quick little project I did for her room.

As you already know, I’m a big time lover of thrift stores.  I get such a rush when I see a lonely beat up item just sitting there begging to be made over.

DIY Heart Art via: Remixed Interiors

Isn’t she a beauty? Yikes! I know it’s scary..  there was actually two of them but I forgot to take “Before” pictures and already had gotten started on the other one when I remembered.  It was the exact same as the above pic except the photo was taken from a different angle.

The glass was so thick with grime that you couldn’t even see through it..

DIY Double Heart Art via: Remixed Interiors

Nothing that a little elbow grease can’t conquer..

DIY Double Hear Art via: Remixed Interiors

Once they were all clean I didn’t really care for the shiny brass color of the frames

DIY Double Heart Art via: Remixed Interiors

I thought they would be perfect painted with my favorite Rose Gold Paint.

DIY Double Heart Art via: Remixed Interiors

All I did was run some sandpaper over the frames in order to rough them up to allow the paint to adhere better.

The frames are a really awkward size so finding artwork to fit was a little challenging.  I decided to paint the art myself.  I’m no artist so I wanted to bang something out that was simple and rather girly and what’s more girly then hearts? I remembered some heart DIY art that I had pinned years ago.

Liz Stanley from the blog Say Yes made this lopsided heart art for a nursery.

Lopsided Heart Art from "Say Yes" blog And then there is this double heart art created out of thrift store frames by Kristin F. Davis Designs. So simple and cute.

Heart Art by Kristin F. Davis Designs
I found a heart online, made a stencil and traced onto art paper.

Double Heart Art by Remixed Interiors #diyart #diyheartart #diyteenart

I knew I wanted to make the  hearts a pale pink and blue.  I didn’t have the shades I wanted so I mixed some white paint into standard pink and blue.  **Quick Tip** keep some white paint and black paint on hand . You can add to primary paint colors in order to lighten or darken the paint to get the color you want to achieve.  No need to purchase every color under the sun**

This is what I came up with..

DIY Heart Art via: Remixed Interiors

Next I just filled in each heart with the paint.  I wanted a little bit of a mottled look so I didn’t worry about brushing the paint on perfectly..

Then I just let them dry and popped them in the rose gold painted frames..

DIY Heart Art via: Remixed Interiors #diyart #diyheartart #diyteenart

DIY Double Heart Art via: Remixed Interiors #diyart #diyheartart #diyteenart

Didn’t they just turn out so adorable?  I love to add homemade pieces into the spaces I create.  It gives the room character and more of an eclectic feel.


DIY Double Heart Art via: Remixed Interiors #diyheartart #diyart #diyteenart
I’m thrilled with how the Double Heart Art turned out but I’m even more happy with how much my daughter loves them. She is a picky client.

DIY Heart Art via: Remixed Interiors #diyart #diyheartart #diyteenart



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