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Ok.. I know I have been posting about art, art, and more art lately but as I mentioned in this post, I recently discovered the world of downloadable art and honestly I just can’t get enough.

Having one kid that’s starting college in September and another one that’s not far behind means there will be very little cash left over for decorating.  There are so many great sources out there for downloadable art that I can’t think of a reason why I will need to spend more then $15.00 on a piece of art in the near future.

Printable art is such an easy way to decorate your home in a matter of minutes.  The premise is easy-you select a design you want, buy it, and then receive an e-mail with a link to download your files. You then print it out either at home or at a print shop.  Most Etsy shops give you a few different high resolution files that allow you to print the art in any size.  Most of the art can be printed out in huge poster sizes as well.

I was beyond excited when Jenny Komeda from  Little Green Notebook opened up her own art shop filled with gorgeous original downloadable art.   I have always admired her eclectic art collection and now she is offering downloadable versions of her pieces for only $15.00 each.  Here are a few of my favorite pieces from her collection:







If you are looking for downloadable art you will find the widest selection on Etsy.  You could literally spend an entire weekend looking at all Etsy has to offer and still not see everything.

What I love most about downloadable art is that you can get huge pieces of art for so cheap.  Here are just a few of my faves..


Lifeguard Shack




Picasso Sketch

Buffalo in Snow

Palm Trees


Banana Leaves


Aerial Beach Photo


Aren’t they great ?  Now some will say why pay for downloadable art when you can search through Pinterest and find lots of “free printable” art?  Well the main reason is for just a couple of dollars more you are getting art that looks like genuine “pricey” art.  I design and offer “free printables” right here on my blog.  Most of my stuff is fun, quirky and holiday oriented that looks great in 5 x 7 or 8 x 10 frames.  It is by no means art that would work as a focal point on your wall in an oversized 24 x 36 frame.  All of the downloadable pieces that I gathered together here would look fabulous as a statement making piece in anyone’s home.

Here is a bunch of pieces I found that would look great in the kitchen.





Taco Time

I kind of got out of control and found so many great downloadable art pieces that I can’t fit it all in one post.   Next time I will share with you art for a “Baby Nursery” and some great “Bar Cart” art.



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  1. I absolutely love all of these printables and your comments! Just wish I could start over with some blank walls!

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