Easy Chicken Cutlet Sandwich

Philadelphia doesn’t only make the best cheesesteaks.  There is also the chicken cutlet sandwich….with sharp provolone and roasted red peppers or broccoli rabe and slathered with roasted red pepper mayo all on fresh Italian bread.

It’s not a complicated recipe.  It’s just the blending of flavors that combine perfectly to create an amazing sandwich.  My husband is not a broccoli rabe fan so we make ours with the roasted red peppers. Check out how we do it..

chicken cutlet sandwich #chicken #chickensandwich


Boneless chicken breast cutlet(pounded or purchased thin)
2-3 eggs
Italian bread crumbs
grated parmesan cheese
olive oil
roasted red peppers in a jar
sharp provolone cheese sliced


In a large fry pan coat the bottom with olive oil and heat

Dip chicken in eggs, coat in bread crumbs, place in fry pan, and brown each side and cook until chicken is done

chicken cutlet sandwich #chicken #chickensandwich
chicken cutlet sandwich #chicken #chickensandwich
When chicken is done place on a plate covered with a paper towel to absorb excess grease

chicken cutlet sandwich #chicken #chickensandwichLay out your roasted red peppers and sharp provolone

chicken cutlet sandwich #chicken #chickensandwich
Now make the roasted red pepper mayo

In a food processor or blender simply add about a 1/2 cup of mayo and 3-4 roasted red peppers. Blend until smooth and creamy

chicken cutlet sandwich #chicken #chickensandwich

Now you will put together your sandwiches

Take about an 8 inch piece of your Italian Bread and slice in half length wise

Slather both sides generously with roasted red pepper mayo

Take each piece of cooked chicken cutlet and place a couple of roasted red peppers on top and then a slice or 2 of sharp provolone and place in microwave and cook long enough to just melt the cheese

Place piece of chicken between each half of Italian bread

chicken cutlet sandwich #chicken #chickensandwich

Dive In!!!!!!

chicken cutlet sandwich #chicken #chickensandwich

Just a little disclaimer.  I’m not a food stylist. My food pictures just will not be laid out perfectly with the perfect backdrop etc.  My main concern is cooking for my family and sharing our fairly simple recipes with you guys.  The thought of primping food for the perfect photo just freaks me totally out.  I’m happy if the food makes it to the table and its warm.

Let me know if you make this little beauty of a sandwich and what you think!


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