Family Room Plan

Today I’m going to be sharing the first interior shot’s of my home.  I have been hesitant because there is much work to be done to get my spaces ready for my “home tour.”  I’m a fan and follower of lots of home interior blogs.  Personally that’s what I want to see.  The blogger’s homes in all their glory.  I need to get over myself and just get on with it.

My intention of this blog is to document our plan to refresh and revive our home.  This is not our forever home so there wont be many structural changes going on, just very doable cosmetic updates and simple DIY project that anyone can tackle.  My hubby is most likely not going to be breaking out the wet saw and tiling our bathroom floor any time soon.  Actually he will not be doing much but helping me hang a few pictures or maybe if he has time put together a piece of Ikea furniture.  He is brilliant in his field of work and is gone more then he is home.

So that leaves me, myself and I.  I really just want to create a home that reflects our own unique personal style, is comfy/cozy, functional, and makes all of us happy when we walk in the front door.

In this post I talked about the many reasons you should have a bold statement making rug in your home.  I followed my own advice and did just that. So here is how our family room looks now.  I apologize for the image quality.  I took them real quick with my I phone.

family room=before

Isn’t the rug great?  When I saw it I had to get it because everything about it is me.  I loved the modern gray backdrop and the colors are amazing.  Honestly this grainy picture doesn’t do it justice.  I know its not everyone’s cup of tea but it works perfect for our family.  The best thing is it hides all of the possible disasters that kids and dogs bring to the table.  It also brings that Wow factor to a room that is devoid of any architectural interest.

family room-before

You can tell how long I prepped the room for the pictures.  Can you spy with your little eye something that is “wrong” in this picture?  Check out the upside down crown pillow.  Now that’s room styling at its best right there.

The first thing I plan on doing is giving the room a fresh coat of white paint.  The peeps at Benjamin Moore came out with their color of the year for 2016 as I talked about here. I’m going to get a small sample of this color “Simply White” and see how it looks on my walls.  I’m hoping I love it so I can just stop right there.  I think if I have to sort through a hundred or more shades of white paint I will be dragged out of there in a straight jacket.

simply white

Here is the design board that I put together for our family room.

Family Room Mood Board Remixed Interiors

Do you like?  As you can tell I love mixing patterns, color, and textures in my interiors.  I don’t like things to be too “matchy” or perfectly styled. The white walls will neutralize all of the busyness and prevent sensory overload.

The biggest changes to the room will be the paint and getting rid of our entertainment center otherwise known as the “Brown Monster.”  We are trying to sell it on Craig’s List but have not had much interest.  I’m pretty optimistic that once we replace it with a light colored credenza flanked by bookshelves the entire room will open up and feel less stifling.

The mood board I put together for myself is just a starting point.  When I do  a mood board for a client I put in the exact items that I am recommending for the client to purchase as well as a price list and direct links where to get them.  All of the guess work is taken out to make things easier for the client.   See en example below.

Mood Board

Peachy Nursery Board 2

 Materials Board

Material Board
Material Board

Price List

Price List
Price List

Room Guide

Room Guide

If you are interested in my e-decorating services check out more info here.

In the case of our family room it will be a mixture of transformed Craig’s List items, collected art, and sale priced retail items.  I will be keeping our leather sofa and loveseat.  They have faded overtime so I am going to look into having them color restored.  I have been looking for a mid-century credenza as well as book shelves on Craig’s List that I will makeover.  The art will be a combination of DIY, existing, thrifted, and new art.  The  leather chair will be replaced in order to break up all the brown.  I will look through Etsy for the pillows.  The lighting will be new, however, hopefully on sale.  I have not addressed the window treatments yet.  I’m thinking light bamboo blinds and curtain panels.

I’m really liking the curtains panels from Anthropologie ( a few samples above)

bamboo blinds








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