Farrow & Ball Inchyra Blue

The other day I was catching up with one of my all time favorite blogs Hunted Interior and Kristin mentioned that Farrow & Ball  had just come out with 9 new paint colors for 2016.  She fell in love with one of the new colors called Yeabridge Green and created an amazing mood board for her daughter’s bedroom incorporating this leafy green color into it.

She also announced that any of her readers that created their own mood board using one of the nine new colors had a chance to win a gallon of paint.  The rules are simple you just need to share your mood board on Instagram using the hashtag #MyFavouriteNewColour, and tag Farrow & Ball and Hunted Interior. That’s pretty much it.  Oh also just choose the paint color that you use in your mood board carefully because that’s the color paint you will receive if you’re the lucky winner.

Well that’s all I had to hear.  Free? Free Paint and a chance to show my mad Mood Board Design skills? Sign me up.. just kidding about the mad skills.. well not really just trying to sound humble..(insert the wink emoji here).

If I’m chosen as the winner I will use the paint for the walls of our guest bedroom, it’s definitely the next room in the house to be tackled after my daughter’s room is finally finished….( the full reveal coming soon)…  It’s not a complete disaster but definitely needs a little TLC.

Believe it or not our guestroom is used quite often…..  with visits from my Mother in Law and other out of town family, my Mom who lives 10 minutes away but can’t drive in the dark , and friends that drink one to many cocktails and aren’t fit to get behind the wheel of a car,…it gets lots of love.

I know it’s not a  complete disaster as far as “before” pictures go, but it’s just not working for us.  I want this room to be a little cocoon of deep color with beautiful soft linens, fun pattern, and just an all over cozy feel.

Guest Room Before

My Guest Room "Before" via: Remixed Interiors

Sorry for the brutal photo quality.. they were late night I phone shots.

And now on to my moodboard and the new Farrow & Ball paint colour that I’m so obsessed with…INCHYRA BLUE… (pronounced with a ‘ch’ as in China, not a hard ‘c’ sound.

Farrow&Ball "INCHYRA BLUE" Guest Room Mood Board via: Remixed Interiors #inchyrablue #farrow&ball

Isn’t this color amazing? I love how moody and muddy it is.  All the reviews I read about this new color rave about how there is such depth to it and how it changes  with the light throughout the day.  I think dark walls provide the perfect backdrop for all of the eclectic pieces I want to incorporate into the room.  They also allow various home decor items to “pop” out more… for example.. a great piece of artwork, gold accents, all types of wood tones,  and fun fabric patterns.

You can find me on Instagram here….and check out the hashtag #MyFavouriteNewColour to see all of the inspiring mood boards and beautiful color. I will keep you posted on whether a new can of paint is coming my way.. keep your fingers crossed!!




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