Free Christmas Printables

Today is going to be a quick post.  I’ve been kind of bad with holiday décor posts this year.  It’s just that I’ve been working on other projects that have been taking up a lot my time and my Christmas décor hasn’t really changed since last year.  It amazes me how some bloggers reinvent the wheel year after year.

I did manage to design a few Christmas themed printables.  I received a lot of positive feedback from the ones I designed last year so I didn’t want to let you guys down.   In case you are new around here you can find those printables here and here.

This first one is way different from the bold pattern and colors I used last year.

Click here for the 8×10 size.

Click here for the 5×7 size.

If you love all of the casual boho décor that is so popular right now, as much as I do, this next printable is for you.  If it’s not your thing then you probably think it’s rather silly.  I happen to think I’m a genius for coming up with the idea. Wink. Wink.

For the 8×10 size click here.

For the 5×7 size click here.



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