Halloween Bar Cart

We have been in full out Halloween decorating mode at our house.  I never thought I would hear myself say this but I really miss the cheesy decorations that we used to put up when the kids were little.  All of the decorating was for them and that usually meant the gaudier the better.

Halloween Bar Cart Ideas

I finally now have the opportunity to do Halloween like the grown ups do, and the first thing I tackled was the bar cart.  Bar carts are fun because pretty much anything and everything is acceptable.  It’s the one little area in the house where you can have fun and change things up in a fun whimsical way.  I was so excited to jazz it up for Halloween.

Halloween Bar Cart Ideas

Now I do realize there is a lot going on here but you can never be too tacky and over the top where Halloween is concerned.  I put together this look with things that I had around the house and with a few DIY projects that I will share with you guys.

I jazzed up my lamp by simply drawing a bat and cutting it out of felt, it makes a big impact but is easily made with materials I already had on hand.

I made the pumpkin garland with gold “Mardi Gras” beads and little plastic pumpkin pails that I got at a dollar store years ago as decoration for a Halloween party.  I simply spray painted them a glossy black and colored the eyes and mouth in with a metallic gold paint pen.

Halloween Bar Cart Ideas

We are big “Walking Dead” fans as you can see by the comics above which make a fun décor prop.

DIY Cocktail Stirrers #cocktailstirrers

halloween stirrers pinnable

The above cocktail stirrers are an easy and fun DIY.  I had the little plastic critters and straws already,  I simply spray painted them gold and hot glued them to the top of the straws.

DIY Cocktail Stirrers

The plastic critters were from a set my son had when he was little.  Actually it would have looked pretty cool if the animals were left as is but I was looking for more of a glam look so I broke out the gold spray paint.

diy cocktail stirrers

diy cocktail stirrers

Gold spray paint is so amazing.  Look how expensive that little alligator looks now.  I’m envisioning myself hot gluing him on to a little enamel trinket box  or a little porcelain dish in the near future.

Halloween Bar Cart Ideas


A faux hydrangea with a touch of black spray paint makes a great “do” for this little silver skull.

Halloween Bar Cart Ideas



I’m so obsessed with the whole marbleizing trend that’s all over Pinterest  right now.  I cranked out the above coasters in about 15 minutes and could have just kept going.  Before I knew it everything with a flat surface had marbleizing potential.  The colors for the coasters were chosen with the Halloween them in mind.  I will share with you all of the deets on how I made these beauties in my next post.

Halloween Bar Cart Ideas

One of the best low cost decorating tools out there is the use of free printable art.  I created my own set of Halloween Party Printables that you will be able to download for free.  The above “Drink Witches” piece is one of my favorites.   Look for them all in my next post…

Halloween Bar Cart Ideas

I think we have forgotten  one small little detail.  What would our Halloween Bar Cart be without a signature cocktail??

Halloween Cocktail

Yummmy.  Look for the recipe in the next blog post….

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