Halloween Cocktail


I’m so amazed with all the different vodka flavors that are available.  The vodka aisle of a liquor store is like Disney World to the vodka loving adult.

Here is just a sampling of the wackier flavors out there.  Bacon, Bubble Gum, Cookie Dough, Devil’s Food, Fruit Loops, Green Tea, Marshmallow, Mountain Dew, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Rose, Salmon, Wasabi, and Whipped Cream.

This Halloween I knew that I wanted to create a cool looking cocktail in the spirit of the holiday.  What says Halloween more then black vodka? Yes black vodka.  I knew this would be perfect because it looks completely insane but tastes just like the regular stuff, which appeals to my traditional vodka taste palette.  I decided to go with the original and first black vodka to ever hit the market.  Blavod Original Black Vodka.


The good news about this stuff is that it has a crisp traditional vodka taste and doesn’t stain your teeth and lips as I initially feared.  The bad news is,  well there really isn’t any bad news.  Not yet anyway.

So without further ado feast your eyes on The Raspberry Minstrel.

Halloween Cocktail/Raspberry Minstrel #halloweencocktail #blackvodka

Very cool right?  My husband and I mixed a couple of these babies together and enjoyed them immensely.  The Chambord and Crème de Cacao infused just the right amount of fruity sweetness to the vodka.  The cream that topped it off added a touch of smoothness.   Now, I’m all about keeping it real here on the blog.  I plan on posting the good and bad as well as my success and failures.  The only thing that bummed me out about this cocktail was the look of the cream that was dribbled on the top.  It kind of looked like someone spit in our drinks.  It was supposed to come together and form a thicker swirl that resembled a brain.  It sounds heinous but those of you who are familiar with a Bloody Brain shot know what I’m talking about.  It looks like a miniature floating brain in a shot glass.

Halloween Cocktails

Isn’t that the coolest?   I did a little investigating and supposedly a touch of citrus(a lime in this case) is what makes the Irish cream curdle in the above shot.   Perhaps if we added a bit of it to our drink our cream would have curdled as well.  You can find the recipe for the  brain shot here.

If you make The Raspberry Minstrel please comment and let us know how you made out.

Keep an eye out for the next post.  I will be including a few really great Halloween printables that you can download for FREE.

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2 thoughts on “Halloween Cocktail

  1. Cheri I love your home posts, but this is spectacular! For snow while everyone is worried about milk and bread, we are just concerned with vodka!

    1. Thanks Melanie! I’m so glad you are enjoying the blog. Yes I can totally relate to you guys in regards to the vodka! We should definitely explore some of the flavored ones! I only listed a few of those that are available. A great one to try on a snowy day may be the hot chocolate vodka or the roasted marshmallow!

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