Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day friends!  I must admit it’s not one of my favorite holidays.  Now before you judge I need to say that these aren’t bitter words coming from someone who is unlucky at love.  Quite the opposite is true. I’m very much in love , and have been for twenty two years to my college sweet heart.   We have two beautiful teenage children, a Golden Retriever named Penny, and a cute house in the suburbs.

It’s just that I’m not a fan of red roses, boxed chocolates (except Godiva of course), and cheesy Hallmark cards.  I don’t like going out to eat on Valentine’s Day because it’s always overly crowded and even at my favorite restaurants the usual menus are limited and “fixed.”

Now that being said…I do like presents.  And I’m not picky about when I receive them.   That even goes for Valentine’s Day.  For example if my sweet heart had his heart set on giving me a little trinket of some sort and it absolutely had to be on Valentine’s Day ..well who am I to break his heart by refusing his gift just out of principal?

I would have to “take one for the team” as the saying goes..

And if for some odd coincidence one of the below ” Valentine’s Day inspired” gifts somehow caught my sweet heart’s eye and he felt compelled to purchase it,  then I as his wife would be able to find it in my heart to accept his gift with hesitant but open arms…

Valentine's Day Inspired Gifts via: Remixed Interiors #valentinesdaygiftideas #giftsforvalentinesday #valentinesdaygiftguide


Love Potion Flask / Kate Spade NY Petal Earrings / Kate Spade Heart Emoji Necklace / Godiva Chocolates / Victoria’s Secret Gift Card / Essie Nail Polish
The Little Big Book of Love / Coach Bag Heart Charm
Kate Spade Live Color Fully Perfume


And one final thought about Valentine’s Day…

Valentine's Day Inspired Gifts via: Remixed Interiors #valentinesdaygiftideas #giftsforvalentinesday #valentinesdaygiftguide

wait I lied one more…

Valentine's Day Inspired Gifts via: Remixed Interiors #valentinesdaygiftideas #giftsforvalentinesday #valentinesdaygiftguide


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