Holiday Card Display Board

The holidays are among us full force!  How did they manage to sneak up on me this year?  We have been doing a few small renovating projects to our family room and it’s been keeping us busy.   Once I add a few finishing touches…I will be sharing the pics.

Last year I threw together a fairly simple Holiday project that never made it into the blog.  It’s a simple solution for rounding up and displaying all of your Christmas cards.

This project is as simple as it gets.  I had the framed bulletin board already and just simply measured and cut a piece of festive wrapping paper to cover the entire board.  I used simple gold tacks to pin the paper down to the cork.

I found an old frame lying around and spray painted it gold.   The “Joy to the World” sign was easy to make on Pic Monkey.  I sized it down to fit the 3×5 frame and then taped it to the center of the board.  The glass of the picture frame was taken out and them I used picture hanging strips to adhere the frame onto the board.

As each Christmas card arrived we just simply added it to bulletin board.

Simple. Easy. Festive!!!





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