Low Budget & High Style Décor with Craig’s List

In the world of home décor blogs very often us bloggers will highlight a few home decor pieces here and there that we got for a steal on Craig’s List.  It’s seems the most popular advice is to mix your staple and mostly high end pieces with the occasional low end piece that you snatched up for next to nothing.

But what about  those folks that have an entire room to put together but have a nearly non existent budget to work with?  Or maybe the newly married couple or the recent college graduate that have an entire place to tackle? Well don’t fear Craig’s List is here!

The good news is that it’s possible with a little patience and work to put together a lovely space that will be stylish and hip for not a lot of cash.  I’m going to show you guys an entire living room that I put together for less then $500.  Well it’s not an actual room but one that I put together on my lap top in “Mood Board Style.”  I will also share with you guys a few of my tips, tricks, and detective skills on how to snag the best pieces for the best price on Craig’s List.

Ok so without further ado here is my Craig’s List Living Room that was created  for under $500….

Craig's List Decor: High Style on Low Budget via:Remixed InteriorsIsn’t it adorable?   It has that eclectic feel that looks like it was put together with purpose and not just thrown together with a bunch of second hand pieces. I even managed to find a couple of cute accessories that add the finishing touch.  The best part is that you could move all of these pieces in your home without having to modify them in anyway.  No DIY necessary.  Personally when I look for pieces on Craig’s List more times then not I look for pieces that need a little elbow grease to make them shine-because that’s my thing. That’s what I love to do.. transform pieces with paint, fabric, and anything else I can get my hands on.  However for this post I wanted to show you guys how to put together a room with the least amount of effort.  I found all of this stuff within one hour on the same day on Craig’s List.  It’s true that some days I have better luck then others and if I’m looking for something specific in a certain price range that may take quite some time.

Here is the breakdown of the cost of each item..

Craig's List Decor:High Style on a Low Budget via: Remixed Interiors

****Quick Tip it’s important to note that the above prices are the seller’s asking price. There is always room for negotiation on Craig’s List.  Unless it states in the listing “firm offer”, if that’s the case I would never throw a lower offer out there because 9 out of 10 times it will just make the seller annoyed…….but if it does not say “firm offer” then go for it! It never hurts to ask and depending how long the item has been listed you may just be surprised what the seller will accept.  A lot of times the seller just wants to get rid of the item ASAP because they are moving or redecorating so they may accept whatever is offered to them. ****

Dancing Girl Painting

Craig's List Decor:High Style on a Low Budget via:Remixed Interiors

This piece caught my eye right away.  It’s a canvas painting mounted on a wood frame. It says it was made in Mexico. It’s a large piece at 42″ tall and 33″wide.  I would have definitely purchased this if the seller lived closer to me.  It turns out it would have been an 1.5 hour drive and for one painting I felt it just wasn’t worth it.  QUICK TIP  ***If I find a smaller piece that I love but it’s a long drive to get it sometimes I will try to find a larger piece in the same vicinity that I could grab at the same time to make it worth it in my while.  This tactic has worked a few times for me.  Only YOU know how far is too far for you to drive to get a Craig’s List item*** I maybe would have gone if I loved the painting so much that I would have lost sleep over it but this wasn’t the case here!

Media Credenza

Craig's List Decor:High Style on a Low Budget via: Remixed Interiors

This piece was formally a 9 drawer dresser that the owner’s modified, by removing the 2 bottom drawers, into a TV Credenza.  The pretty robin’s egg blue is right on trend as is the clean simple lines of this piece.  The buyer of this piece really would not need to do anything to modify or update it unless they wanted to paint it a different color and replace the hardware.  ***QUICK TIP when searching for a specific piece on Craig’s List always overlook the color or finish of the piece as well as the hardware. Both are quick and easy updates.  I rarely find a piece that I don’t want or need to modify in some way.  When you go look at the piece always carefully check out the structure and build of the piece.  Unless you have the skills and tools structural issue are much harder to rectify***  I personally have been looking for a credenza for our media and know that $50 is an amazing price!

Chinese Wedding Basket

Craig's List Decor:High Style on a Low Budget via: Remixed Interiors

It’s my understanding that the above pretty basket is called a Chinese Wedding  Basket and I guess they are normally pretty expensive.  All I know is that I love it and it’s a nice large size at 19 1/2 inches tall and a great price at just $20.  I did a little digging to see what the deal was with Chinese Wedding Baskets and was surprised how expensive they are.  Here are a few examples…


All I have to say is Wow!   ****Quick Tip**** When looking at a piece if you are unsure if something is priced fairly do some quick research and search for like items in both Craig’s List and other venues such as E-Bay.  If the item is priced higher then similar listings you can use this info to negotiate with the seller.  Or as in this case you will be pleasantly surprised with how low something is priced and you will act quickly and snatch it up!  Look how pricey the other Chinese wedding baskets I found were and personally I don’t think any of them are as impressive as the one I found.

Blue Velvet Sofa

craig's list decor: high style on a low budget via: Remixed Interiors

I love the clean classic lines of the above sofa and the fact that it’s velvet and a great blue/gray color doesn’t hurt either.  The seller describes it as looking “almost new” and  the price is $125 or best offer!  When a seller writes “or best offer” they are anxious to sell and are wide open to negotiation.  In those cases I would start by offering 50% less then the asking price and go from there.


Craig's List Decor: High Style on a low Budget via: Remixed Interiors

As soon as I saw this lamp I thought I recognized it from Pottery Barn.  It’s not the exact lamp I saw but so similar and priced at $30.00 much more affordable then the Pottery Barn lamp which is pictured below

CL Pottery Barn Lamp

which is listed at $160.00!

Brass Urn

Craig's List Decor:High Style on a Low Budget via: Remixed Interiors

This vintage brass urn that was made in India is a rare find at just $20 and it is already highly polished so a ton of elbow grease won’t be necessary to expose it’s.  When I look for brass items on Craig’s List I typically don’t worry about how dull and dirty they are because a touch of Bar Keepers Friend always brings it back to it’s old glory.


Craig's List Decor: High Style on a Low Budget via: Remixed Interiors

The colors in this Persian Design rug are amazing.   It’s described as being in excellent condition.  The price is $145 and it’s 6×9.  The colors and the decorative fringe are right on trend and make the rug look like it’s from Joss & Main.

I came across a few rugs that I thought were great for the price.

This rug I absolutely love love love.  If I had a spot for it I would have snatched it up in a minute.  It’s listed as in perfect condition.  The color and pattern was designed to look aged and lightly worn.  It’s 10×12 and only $300.

Craig's List Decor: High Style on a Low Budget via: Remixed Interiors

 The next 6 x 9  rug that I found is currently listed new at Wayfair for $468.95.  The sellers say theirs is in new condition but since they used the Wayfair photo and not their own  I would be somewhat skeptical until I saw it in person.

Craig's List Decor: High Style on a Low Budget via: Remixed Interiors

I couldn’t believe it when I saw this rug on Craig’s List. It has been featured quite a bit in the blogging world lately. It is an amazing deal. The 9×12 size is listed at $300 on Craig’s List and it’s currently listed at many stores for $1,000 and up.

Craig's List Decor: High Style on a Low Budget via: Remixed Interiors

Nesting Tables

Craig's List Decor: High Style on a Low Budget via: Remixed Interiors

How cute are these nesting tables for $50? They look like they are right out of the Ballard Designs catalog and work perfectly as end tables in our Craig’s List Designer Room.

Coffee Table

Craig's List Decor: High Style on a Low Budget via: Remixed Interiors

This Ikea VITTSJO coffee table is not a huge expense when purchased new at $49.99 but at $10 it’s a no brainer.  This would be a great DIY painted in gold, rose gold, or metallic silver.

Accent Chair

Craig's List Decor:High Style on a Low Budget via: Remixed Interiors

$8.00 for a chair seriously? I get that it’s not in the best  condition but it’s a classic shape with nail head trim.  You could very easily just drape a pretty throw blanket over  the one damaged arm or just go ahead and reupholster it.  Use your imagination.

I hope I opened you eyes  to using Craig’s List as a source, to not just add a piece or two to a space,  but as a resource to decorate an entire space if need be. If you are working with a very limited budget you can put together an eclectic, stylish, and unique space for under $500!


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