Marbling Coasters

Ok. I’m obsessed with marbling.  It’s everywhere.  I think the reason why I love it so much is that it always turns out amazing and is almost impossible to mess up.  It turns out different every time and there are endless color combination possibilities.  Plus my favorite marbling  technique involves nail polish and I have more nail polish then I know what to do with.

In my last post I gave you a glimpse of my DIY marbleized coasters.  They look perfect on my bar cart that I jazzed up for Halloween.

DIY Marbleized Coasters

Plain white ceramic tile squares
nail polish in your choice of colors
nail polish thinner
shallow Tupperware or disposable container
gold metallic paint pen
warm water
towel or paper towel

Here is the simple tutorial.

DIY Marbleized Coasters

Grab some plain white tile squares from Home Depot or any hardware store.  Give them a good dusting off to get any grime off.

Now grab a few bottles of nail polish in any color combination that you like.  My Halloween décor is mostly black, purple, gold, and silver so I grabbed a few bottles in that  scheme.

DIY Marbleized Coasters

One little trick is to make sure you have a little bottle of nail polish thinner around.  Just a few drops added to an old bottle of nail polish will thin the polish out enough so that it’s easier to pour into your pan of water.   Also you need a toothpick to swirl the colors together (I’ll get to the details in a minute).

DIY Marbleized Coasters

Next you will need a shallow container of some sort.  I used an old piece of Tupperware but those aluminum disposable pans work and you can just toss them when finished.

Fill the container with very WARM water.  If its too cool the nail polish will harden to a big clump.***** FYI if you decide to use any sort of metallic nail polish you need to work quickly because it tends to harden and congeal much quicker then regular polish.***** 
You can see how I used silver metallic polish in the above picture.  Metallic gold and silver make anything and everything beautiful and ups the glamour factor instantly.  So don’t be afraid to use it,  just be quick about it!

Now you can add a few drops of your different nail polish colors into the warm water.  Make sure you drop the different colors in close proximity to each other.  The amount of polish you drop in will vary depending on if you want a “heavy” or “more subtle” marbled look.  I wanted a heavy look because my coasters are for Halloween and I was shooting for a more garish in your face look.  I didn’t want much of the white portion of the tile poking through.  The above picture looks like I put a massive amount of polish in the container but that’s not the case, it was taken after I had swirled all the colors together.  I only added about 10 little drops of each color, if I had wanted a more subtle look I would have added about 3-5 drops of each color.

DIY Marbleized Coasters

The above picture is not a great one.  It is supposed to show me swirling the different colors together gently with a toothpick.  As soon as you drop all of the colors in your pan of warm water you need to QUICKLY grab your toothpick and gently drag it through the colors in order to blend them together.

DIY Marbleized Coasters

After the colors are blended then QUICKLY grab a tile square and gently press it face down onto the surface of the water/nail polish mixture.  Then remove the square and turn it face side up and check out the beautiful marble effect on the tile.  It’s like magic! Then lay each tile on a towel or paper towel face side up in order to let them dry.

DIY Marbleized Coasters

It’s amazing how each tile square is so unique and it’s own little piece of artwork.

Once the coasters were dry I used my gold metallic Sharpie paint pen along the edges of each coaster. This little touch added a little sparkle and gave them a more finished look.

Marble gold paint pen

DIY Marbleized Coasters

The thing about this marble technique is that it’s so easy and gives such a great result that I am now obsessed and want to grab everything with a flat surface and get to work!

I wanted to post the recipe for my Halloween cocktail that I talked about here but ran into an ingredient snag.  I will be promptly fixing that sittuation so we may all have what we need to party it up on Halloween!

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