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I am loving all of the DIY abstract art that is floating around blog land as of late.   It’s a project that is impossible to mess up that even a novice can tackle.  I am particularly drawn to the “brush stroke art”  style of art that was first made popular by the amazingly talented Jen Ramos from Made By Girl.  Her pieces are perfection.  I believe it’s the combination of her crisp white canvases, amazing eye for brilliant color combinations, and perfectly imperfect brush strokes that make her pieces so special.

Jen Ramos Brush Stroke Art #brushstrokeart

Jen Ramos Brush Stroke Art Pinks #brushstrokeart #jenramosart

Look how great her pineapple and swan art is.  The prominent brush strokes and yummy colors give off that casual, girly, laid back vibe that she does so well.  I love how the skin of the pineapple and feathers of the swan are made of little upside down hearts.

Jen Ramos Pink pineapple #jenramospineappleart #brushstrokeart


Jen Ramos Blue Pineapple Art #jenramospineappleart #brushstrokeart

Jen Ramos Flamingo Art #jenramosflamingoart #brushstrokeart

I rounded up some great DIY ” brush stroke”  projects  that look like a breeze to tackle.   The brush stroke technique is so simple that it works great not just on wall art but on a variety of surfaces and mediums.

Brush Stroke DIY Projects via: Remixed Interiors #diybrushstroke #brushstrokediy

1.  lamp

2.  bench

3.  black and white painting

4.  wall pattern

5.  brush stroke colored art

6.   mini bowl

7.   pillow

8.   balloons

9.   Franz Kline Inspired Art

10.   planter

I did a couple of  Franz Kline inspired paintings that you got a sneak peek of on my bar cart makeover.   Next post I will share the super involved process and effort that went into the pieces.  It was such a grueling experience that I almost threw in the towel half way through and gave up.  I stuck with it though and the results were well worth the effort…..

Ummm. Not quite…

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