Record Player Cart Makeover

Some of my fondest memories as a child are of listening to vinyl records on a record player/turn table.  At my Mom’s it was Fleetwood Mac, Carol King, and The Beatles…at my Dad’s it was Neil Diamond and Cat Stevens.   I would try to memorize the lyrics of my favorite songs by reading and rereading them off of the inside of the album jackets.

My husband, knowing my love for vinyl records, surprised me with this beauty from Urban Outfitters.  Click here for purchasing info.


I love the retro look …plus it sounds great with it’s built in stereo speakers.  Check out Urban Outfitters to see all of the styles, colors, and pretty patterned record players that they carry.

You will also find an enormous amount of vinyl records for sale at Urban Outfitters…with everything from The Rolling Stones, The Sex Pistols, and Patsy Cline there is definitely something for everyone.


Read here to find other affordable online sources that sell vinyl  records.

There are lots of different ways to style and set up your record player/turntable in your home.






I think using a bar cart as a record player stand is a brilliant idea….




All of this beautiful inspiration lead me on a hunt for a bar cart that I could transform into something spectacular.  My very first stop was my local Goodwill Store and I lucked out!


Kind of underwhelming don’t you think?  But for 18 bucks I couldn’t pass it up…A little elbow grease and paint can do wonders.

The very first thing I did was scrub off the dirt and grime and then taped off the wheels and hardware so I could easily paint.

I then lightly sanded the surface just to rough it up so the paint would adhere.  After sanding I wiped the residue off with a tacky cloth.

I wanted a lacquered, enameled look so I decided to use Rustoleum’s black gloss enamel paint.

I followed an old tutorial of Jenny’s from Little Green Notebook on the best way to apply enamel paint.  You can read the full tutorial here.  The key is not to brush the paint on but rather just “place” it on small sections at a time.  Even with this technique you will see lots of brush marks but leave it alone… when it dries it will even out leaving a beautiful glossy hard finish.

Rustoleum’s Enamel Paint is oil based so it’s real stinky and a pain to clean up but I just LOVE the finish it leaves.  Believe it or not I only needed one coat of this paint…kind of amazing since I didn’t even prime the piece first.

As you can see the brush marks are pretty bad but after letting it dry for 24 hours it looked gorgeous.  The finish dried smooth and shiny like glass.

and now the fun part…adding the accessories!!

I came across this really cool quote… “Vinyl…because no one ever asks to see your MPs collection” and knew I wanted to make it into a kitshy piece of art.  I had the frame and cut a piece of cardboard to size.  I then found a pretty boho floral print online and printed a few copies out and taped it to the cardboard.  I then simply typed out the quote, playing with the font and size, cut each word out and taped them on the floral paper and popped it in the frame.


I really like the homemade, imperfect, crafty look of it.  You could also use wrapping paper, newspaper, fabric, scrapbook paper, or a wallpaper sample…pretty much anything with a fun print would look great.  Just add any fun quote.  I think something similar would look really cute in a nursery, kids room, or an office.

I found an old box, that I took from my childhood home when I got married, that had a few of my old record albums from when I was a kid.


Based on the albums you can get an idea of how old I really am… LOL!! The Beatles, The Doors, and my favorite band and album of all time Fleetwood Mac’sRumours” from 1977.  There are also a few of my Mom’s Elvis albums and trendy childhood albums from Shaun Cassidy (the “Da Doo Ron Ron and “That’s Rock and Roll” anyone??) and Captain & Tennile (“Love Will Keep Us Together”).  I even got my hands on my sister’s copy of Richard Simmon’sSweatin’ to the Oldies.”  She would throw that baby on every day before school and workout…man have times changed!!  I received the new U2 and Coldplay albums for my birthday from my husband.  I can’t wait to start looking through thrift shops and flea markets for great vintage records to add to my collection!


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