Teen Girl Bedroom Gallery Wall

I’m so excited to finally show you guys the finished gallery wall in my daughter’s bedroom. ( Just a little side note ****  Here in blog land I’m going to refer to my daughter as “A”. ****  Kind of like the villain in  Pretty Little Liars. ) We both are very pleased with how it turned out.

DIY Teen Gallery Wall via: Remixed Interiors #Gallerywall #teenart #teenbedroom

DIY Teen Gallery Wall via: Remixed Interiors #gallerywall #teenart #teengirlbedroom
Doesn’t it look great?  With this checked off the list, we are one step closer to finally finishing this space and the big reveal.

Teenage Girl Gallery Wall via: Remixed Interiors #teengirlart #diygallerywall #teengirlgallerywall #easygallerywall
The thing I love most about this gallery wall is that it’s 100%  “A”! Every little piece of art was either chosen or made with her personality in mind.  If we couldn’t find what she wanted we simply created it ourselves.  With all of the “pop culture”  references there is little doubt that this room belongs to a teenager.

Did you spot Nina Dobrev, otherwise known as Elena Gilbert from The Vampire Diaries?

Oh and how about this love quote from our favorite vampire Edward…


and this famous phrase from the one and only Chuck Bass..

Do you want to know what the bonus was of this project?  It was easy and cheap! Cheap as in budget friendly not as in cheesy…

The art that I did not make myself, was purchased from various Etsy stores and the frames I scored at a buy one get one free sale at Michael’s Craft Store.  

My initial thought was to  pull together an eclectic look by painting a bunch of frames white that we could gather from around the house and in thrift stores. Well…. as I revealed in this post..it turns out that “A’s”  idea of a dream room was not the “boho chic” room that I envisioned.  Instead she wanted a sleek, contemporary, glamorous, monochromatic room done in a very soothing and calm color palette.  At first I was like “Say Whaaat ?”….but then I came around and realized this space should be about what she loves and finds fabulous.. not about what the current hot  décor trend is or what will get the most re-pins and go viral on Pinterest.

This is a relatively easy project that you can tackle by yourself.   The only tools you will need are…a few packs of the Command Picture Hanging Strips and a picture level similar to this.

There are lots of great tutorials out there on how to lay out the perfect gallery wall. See here and here. However, since my gallery wall was going to be a free-flow design and I was using Command damage free hanging strips, I felt pretty comfortable just “winging” it.

In case you live under a rock and don’t know….the way that Command Strips work is there are two Velcro strips ..one sticks on the picture frame and the other sticks to the wall.  The Velcro strips connect together and lock the picture in place.   They come in a few different sizes, which  accommodate different picture frame weight limits.

One cool little trick that I do with the Command Strips (I used the large size) is to cut them vertically down the center.

Teenage Girl Gallery Wall via: Remixed Interiors #teengirlart #diygallerywall #teengirlgallerywall #easygallerywall
Unless you have an extremely heavy piece of art, the strips when cut in half,  have enough strength to hold the picture up.  I used one pair of strips (cut in half) per frame.  One half on the top portion of the frame and one half on the bottom.  I managed to get more bang for my buck by cutting them in half.

Whenever I am installing a gallery wall the first piece of art to go up is what I call the “anchor piece”.  It’s always the largest and most eye catching.  A good rule of thumb is to hang it slightly off center and then fill in the surrounding space with the other art.

Teenage Girl Gallery Wall via: Remixed Interiors #teengirlart #diygallerywall #teengirlgallerywall #easygallerywall
In order to hang the picture straight, balance the level on top of the frame and before you press the picture tightly against the wall make sure that the bubble is centered between the two lines (see above)…..then press firmly.

Once the gallery wall was complete “A” decided she really didn’t like how the black mat looked around her Twilight art.  Grrrrr.   I always try to use and re-use what we  have on hand so we decided to paint over the black mat instead of buying a new one.

Teenage Girl Gallery Wall via: Remixed Interiors #teengirlart #diygallerywall #teengirlgallerywall #easygallerywall
We got the acrylic paint out and improvised to make gray paint..


Teenage Girl Gallery Wall via: Remixed Interiors #teengirlart #diygallerywall #teengirlgallerywall #easygallerywall
I personally really liked the bold pop that the black mat gave the gallery wall but “A” really loved the subdued and calm feel of the gray mat.

Painting art mats is an easy DIY project that you can bang out quickly and will make a big impact… so if you are tired of the same old-same old- white photo mats get creative and  jazz your artwork up by adding a little pop of color with some paint..

I have included the links to all of the artwork sources.   The pieces that are marked with***** are those that I created myself.  The links to these pieces will take you back to the blog post where you will find the free printable for each piece in 8 x10 and 5×7 sizes.

DIY Teen Gallery Wall via:Remixed Interiors #gallerywall #teengallerywall #teenart



1.   Lipstick Print
lip stick abby

2.  Girl with Braid


3. Chuck Bass Quote *****


4. Nina Dobrev Print



5.   Paris Print


6.  Chuck and Blair-No Source

chuck and blair

7.   No Source-Personal Artwork made on Pic Monkey



8.  Edward Cullen Art *****


9. Camera Art

camera 5x7 8x10 11x14

10. Nap Queen *****



Stay tuned for more of “A’s” teen bedroom projects leading up to the big reveal.

Teenage Girl Gallery Wall via: Remixed Interiors #teengirlart #diygallerywall #teengirlgallerywall #easygallerywall


2 thoughts on “Teen Girl Bedroom Gallery Wall

  1. Wow…. Love this. Did you guys paint the wall? A lot of hard work and it looks great! Much better than the posters my kids grew up with??.

  2. Thanks sis! Yes we had painted her room a little bit ago. Remember the light gray with lavendar accents( in the closet and up near ceiling line)? Yes much better then our Bay City Rollers and Pink Floyd posters.. but not expensive which is the best part!

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