Thanksgiving Musings

I hope you all had a wonderful, yummy, and relaxing Thanksgiving.  I love Thanksgiving because there is not a lot of expectation and preparation surrounding it.  Well I guess I should say for me because I pretty much just show up.  We alternate every year between going to my sister and sister in law’s homes. This year was my sister’s turn and I couldn’t get over how relaxed and in control she was.  I host Christmas every year and I’m always a hot mess.

When we arrived my Dad and sister grabbed me and said they had a surprise for me. They dragged me to the dining room and as soon as I walked in I saw this…

Oh my gosh be still my heart.  My Dad did the sweetest thing.  Remember this post where I offered the above free printable?  He took it upon himself to print it , frame it and then brought it to my sister’s house and set it up before I got there.  My Dad is not the mushiest guy in the world so this meant so much to me.  He is always so supportive of me with this little blog endeavor of mine.  It was a great start to a beautiful day with my family.

Thanksgiving Decor #thanksgivingdecor
Thanksgiving Decor #thanksgivingdecor

There is another one of my printables that my Dad put together along with a yummy cheese platter.

Thanksgiving Decor #thanksgivingdecor
Thanksgiving Decor #thanksgivingdecor

The above little guy has been covering pineapples on Thanksgivings for our family since I can remember.  I really believe that family traditions are what makes holidays so special.

Thanksgiving Decor #thanksgivingdecor
Thanksgiving Decor #thanksgivingdecor

The table looked beautiful set with our Grandmother’s china which we have been eating Thanksgiving dinner off since we were kids.

Everything looked so festive..

Thanksgiving Decor #thanksgivingdecor
Thanksgiving Decor #thanksgivingdecor

It was an impressive spread and we all ate and drank way too much..

Thanksgiving Decor #thanksgivingdecor
Thanksgiving Decor #thanksgivingdecor

My niece made a delicious White Sangria that looked as beautiful as it tasted.  The recipe is below..


1 bottle Martinelli’s sparkling cider
1 large bottle of Pinot Grigio
1 bag of frozen cranberries
2 peeled and sectioned clementines
1 Granny Smith Apple sectioned
1 Red Apple sectioned


Combine the fruit in a large pitcher
Cover the fruit with the bottle of wine
Chill the Sangria for several hours so the
fruit infuses with the wine
Pour the cider into the pitcher
To serve, spoon some fruit into each glass and
pour Sangria over top of the fruit


White Sangria Recipe
White Sangria Recipe


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