Tutorial: How to Get Water Marks Out of Wood Furniture

Ok I obviously was not planning on writing this particular post.  Sometimes life just gets in the way.  Anyway,  last night I washed a pair of ceramic gourds that I had forgot to pack away with the rest of the fall stuff.  I thought they were completely dry and placed them on the dining room table.  I got distracted making dinner and then started catching up on all of the “Game of Thrones” episodes I missed.  In the morning I picked the gourds up off the table and then saw this.

Tutorial:How to get water rings out of wood furniture
Tutorial:How to get water rings out of wood furniture


I wanted to cry.  I have dealt with little water rings here and there but this looked just insane.  I remembered awhile back my Mom had told me about the “Mayonnaise Trick.”



Basically you slather some mayo on top of the water mark and rub it in the wood a bit. Let it sit for at least 4 hours (best is over night) and then wipe the mayonnaise  off and the marks should be gone.  It’s totally gross but the reason it works has something to do with how the fat from the mayo absorbs into the wood and makes the marks magically disappear.  Gag.  The first time I wiped the mayo off some of the water marks were still peeking through.  Remember though,  mine were the king of all water marks.  One time should do it for the average ones.  I repeated the process and the remaining marks completely disappeared.

Tutorial: How to get water marks out of wood furniture #waterstainsonwood
Tutorial: How to get water marks out of wood furniture

Man was I relieved!  We purchased our dining room table from Domain Furniture about  20 years ago.  It was our first big purchase as a married couple.  Domain was a high end furniture chain that specialized in English and French Country inspired pieces.  I believe they were primarily in the east coast.   Due to the horrible housing market,  sales began to suffer. In 2008 all of the 27 Domain Stores closed down for good.  Does anyone else remember Domain and miss it like I do?

Domain furniture

Our dining room table is one of the few pieces that we still own from way back in the day.  My decorating style was quite different back then but the table has remained timeless.

I will show you the table in all of her glory when I get around to refreshing the dining room up a bit.   It has temporarily become a dumping ground for all of my crafty art supply stuff.  I’ll just add it to my ever growing list of projects that I want to tackle.   I hope you guys never have to deal with annoying water marks on your wood furniture, but if you do, now you’re armed and ready.  Just grab your jar of mayo and get to work.

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4 thoughts on “Tutorial: How to Get Water Marks Out of Wood Furniture

  1. I hope the mayo trick comes in handy Ari in the future! I have tried many different things to get water stains out and this is by far the best!

  2. I over watered my plants this weekend and the water sat overnight! I used mayo and it’s remarkable how well it worked!! Ibwish I could uplosd a picture. I took before and after pics!

    1. Lori- I’m so happy it worked for you. Over the years I have had to use this trick more times then I would like to admit! If you have before and after pictures I would love to see them. You can e-mail them to:

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